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Paper IDN.8.2
Paper Title Optimal Selective Encoding for Timely Updates with Empty Symbol
Authors Baturalp Buyukates, Melih Bastopcu, Sennur Ulukus, University of Maryland, United States
Session N.8: Timely Updates
Presentation Lecture
Track Networking and Network Coding
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Abstract An information source generates independent and identically distributed status update messages from an observed random phenomenon which takes $n$ distinct values based on a given pmf. These update packets are encoded at the transmitter to be sent to a receiver which wants to track the observed random variable with as little age as possible. The transmitter implements a selective $k$ encoding policy such that rather than encoding all possible $n$ realizations, the transmitter encodes the most probable $k$ realizations and sends a designated empty symbol when one of the remaining $n-k$ realizations occurs. We consider two scenarios: when the empty symbol does not reset the age and when the empty symbol resets the age. We find the time average age of information and the age-optimal real codeword lengths, including the codeword length for the empty symbol, for both of these scenarios. Through numerical evaluations for arbitrary pmfs, we show that this selective encoding policy yields a lower age at the receiver than encoding every realization and find the corresponding age-optimal $k$ values.

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2021 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory

11-16 July 2021 | Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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