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Paper IDC.1.3
Paper Title A New Construction of QAM Golay Complementary Sequence Pair
Authors Zilong Wang, Erzhong Xue, Xidian University, China; Guang Gong, University of Waterloo, Canada
Session C.1: Coding for Communications I
Presentation Lecture
Track Coding for Communications
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Abstract The previous constructions of quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) Golay complementary sequences (GCSs) were generalized as 4^q-QAM GCSs of length 2^m by Li (generalized cases I-III for q>= 2) in 2010 and Liu (generalized cases IV-V for q>=3) in 2013 respectively. The results can be given by weighted sum of q quadrature phase shift keying (QPSK) standard GCSs, which is represented as q-dimensional vectorial generalized Boolean functions (V-GBFs) in this paper. In line with their work, an extended construction of 4^q-QAM GCSs of length 2^m is proposed, including generalized cases I-III as special cases. If q is a composite number, a great number of new GCSs other than sequences in generalized cases I-V will arise. For the cases q=4 and q=6, the ratios of the number of new GCSs and the generalized cases I-V are greater than seven and six respectively if m is large enough.

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2021 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory

11-16 July 2021 | Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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