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Paper IDS.4.3
Paper Title An Explicit Formula for the Zero-Error Feedback Capacity of a Class of Finite-State Additive Noise Channels
Authors Amir Saberi, Farhad Farokhi, Girish N. Nair, University of Melbourne, Australia
Session S.4: Channels with State
Presentation Lecture
Track Shannon Theory
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Abstract It is known that for a discrete channel with correlated additive noise, the ordinary capacity with or without feedback both equal $ \log q-\mathcal{H} (Z) $, where $ \mathcal{H}(Z) $ is the entropy rate of the noise process $ Z $ and $ q $ is the alphabet size. In this paper, a class of finite-state additive noise channels is introduced. It is shown that the zero-error feedback capacity of such channels is either zero or $C_{0f} =\log q -h (Z) $, where $ h (Z) $ is the {\em topological entropy} of the noise process. Moreover, the zero-error capacity without feedback is lower-bounded by $ \log q-2 h (Z) $. We explicitly compute the zero-error feedback capacity for several examples, including channels with isolated errors and a Gilbert-Elliot channel.

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2021 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory

11-16 July 2021 | Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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