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Paper IDM.4.5
Paper Title Secure Determinant Codes: Type-II Security
Authors Michelle Kleckler, University of Minnesota, United States; Soheil Mohajer, University of Minnesota, Twin, United States
Session M.4: Codes for Distributed Storage IV
Presentation Lecture
Track Coding for Storage and Memories
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Abstract The secure exact-repair regenerating codes are studied, for distributed storage systems with parameters $(n,k=d,d,\ell)$. The secrecy constraint guarantees that the message remains secure against an eavesdropper who can observe the incoming repair data from all possible nodes to a fixed but unknown subset of (up to) $\ell$ compromised nodes (type II secrecy). A class of secure determinant codes are introduced for all system parameters, and an achievable secrecy trade-off between the per-node storage capacity and repair bandwidth is characterized.

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2021 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory

11-16 July 2021 | Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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